Welcome to Mystic Canyon Stable

Located in Southern California's beautiful hills of Palos Verdes, we specialize in Recreational Horseback Riding Lessons, Special Events, Birthdays, Boy/Girl Scout Troops and Camps with Tiffany Chiu and additional Instructors. 

We teach English, Western, Bareback Pad, bare Bareback, Jumping, Gymkhana, Arena, Trail and lots more. Learn how to safely handle, tack up, ride and care for your mount or one of our lesson equines.

Responsible Horsemanship =

Grooming, Tacking up, Riding, Untacking and MORE!

Learn about the whole horse from head to hoof!

If you aim to someday own your own horse or ride a friend's horse, you'll want to know how to do what we cover in our classes. 
Build a rewarding relationship with your equine and

foster friendships with fellow riders.


Check out the local horse community newsletter with Tiffany's bio!

HOW TO VIDEOS to learn the ORDER of Tacking up 

Learn by practicing when you aren't at the barn with these

How To videos made by other horsepersons.

Any video link recommendations - let us know!

   OVERVIEW IN ORDER: halter, lead, groom, saddle, bridle 


Leighton, Tiffany, Julia: Masked and Distanced

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Special thank you to Savannah Edmonds who created this website with tons of TLC in 2015!:) Such a wonderful surprise to share with the web!  Tiffany enjoys updating it as our program evolves and grows with social media!

Plus Sav and Paul surprised Tiffany by creating our red barn logo t-shirts in 2016, which we wear proudly at events and include in summer camp packages too!                                    THANK YOU MCS TEAM!