Print this reg. form with .5 inch margins all around to keep on one page.

     Helmets & boots are provided, arrive at least 15 minutes early to find ones that fit:)

CHECK, CASH, Venmo @tiffanyJchiu, Zelle 3106214247- THANK YOU!

We offer Lessons:


Group and

Trail...                       Summer Camps    and Weekend Events

          CAMP with Critters

Weekend Events




Choose from parties at our barn,

at a local park or at your home

within walking distance of our barn:)

We'll provide ponies, helmets and helpers



Saturdays arrive at 1 pm



90 mintues with your party goers as they learn hands-on handling, grooming, riding and responsibility plus riding!

$75/rider/pony or  

$45 rider (with 2 riders sharing a pony, first rider grooms then rides, then second rides and untacks)

Want to have cake and celebrate after the ride? We have umbrellas over tables and chairs in front of the barn for $50/30 minutes!


Need a photographer for your party?

For just $5/rider, we'll take posed and candid shots on our Nikon D80! We can transfer your photos directly to your external memory stick - just let us know if we need to bring a PC or Mac laptop, based on what computers you have at home:)

PARK PARTIES  Saturdays after 1:30 pm

Tiffany will create/bring one group Reg. form to  party for parents to sign

Ernie Howlett Park

Off Hawthorne Blvd. just north of Palos Verdes Dr. North. Great for big parties ( 15+)  With bathrooms, grass area, horse trail for pony rides and play structure. Call 310 541 4585 for details.

Chandler Park 

Shares parking lot with Rolling Hills City Hall at Crenshaw and Palos Verdes Dr. North. Ideal for smaller parties, includes portipotty, drinking fountain, BIG grassy area with shade provided by the trees along a horse trail for pony rides.


Time         1 pony      2 ponies

60 min.       $400            $500

90 min.       $450            $550

        includes permit fee from City  

Decorations - keep it natural in the country

Please no party decorations with strange shapes, moving objects, loud noises. Examples would be balloons, jumpers, objects that may blow in the wind, umbrellas possibly could spook the horses. If you have any questions about your decoration please contact us and ask! 

We also have Hobby horses, pin the tall on the donkey, birthday banners, saddles and ropes available. If you would like to use any of these objects just contact us so we can coordinate pick up or drop off!


Girl & Boy Scout Events


Saturdays, arrive at 1 pm

What can your troop learn and DO

at Tiffany Chiu’s Mystic Canyon Stable?

Your troop can just come to ride and/or learn horsemanship through hands-on horsecare by handling, grooming and tacking up your own mount!  From putting on the halter and lead rope to saddling and bridling, you’ll learn how to care for this horse/pony as if it were your own!  Responsible animal stewardship!

In fact, this horse/pony will be yours for the entire time you are at our barn!

Not to mention you’ll get to ride! And then untack and tidy up after your horse!

90 minutes group lesson for 2 riders/mount, up to 12 riders on 6 mounts


2 hours group lesson for 3 riders/mount,

up to 18 riders on 6 mounts           $55/rider

(includes grooming, handing, tacking up, ~20 minutes of riding/Rider, untacking)

90 minutes group lesson

for up to 6 riders on 6 mounts       $75/rider

(same as above with riders on their personal mount without taking turns with another rider, not sharing ride time or handling, doing all the work and ride one rider/mount)

LET US know if your Troop is meeting their merit badge requirements or if just riding for camaraderie! We want to help your group be successful and meet their goals!



   Girl Scout Junior Horseback Riding Badge    

1.   The difference between Western and        

English style riding.  

2.   Types of horse riding equipment. 

3.   The best riding gear for you.

4.   How to be safe around horses.

5.   How to brush a horse and clean her hooves.

6.   How to clean a stable.

7.   How to feed a horse.

8.   Lead your horse.

9.   Mount and dismount your horse.

10.   Tie a horse.

11.   Work with an adult to saddle and bridle.

12.   How to coax the horse into motion. Use your leg squeezes and voice commands.

13.   How to use the reins to steer your horse to walk around a ring or on a trail. Make sure you are holding the reins correctly and using the right amount of pressure.

14.  How to turn a horse and how to stop a horse.

15.  What it means to have good form.

16.  How to walk your horse with control. Turn left, right, halt, back up at walk.


    Boy Scout Horsemanship Merit Badge

        (in our lessons we cover #7, 9-11)

  1. Do the following:

    a. Describe the safety precautions you should take when handling and caring for a horse.

    b. Describe the fire safety precautions you should take in a barn and around horses.

  2. Name 15 main parts of a horse.

  3. Name four breeds of horses. Explain the special features for which each breed is known.

  4. Describe the symptoms of colic. Name and describe four other horse health problems.

  5. Explain what conformation is and why it is important. Explain the difference between lameness and unsoundness.

  6. Explain the importance of hoof care and why a horse might need to wear shoes.

  7. Demonstrate how to groom a horse, including picking hooves and caring for a horse after a ride.

  8. Explain how to determine what and how much to feed a horse and why the amount and kind of feed are changed according to the activity level and the breed of horse.

  9. Do the following:

    a. Name 10 parts of the saddle and bridle that you will use, and explain how to care for this equipment.

    b. Show how to properly saddle and bridle a horse.

    c. Demonstrate how to safely mount and dismount a horse.

  10. Explain and demonstrate how to approach and lead a horse safely from a stall, corral, or field and how to tie the horse securely.

  11. On level ground, continuously do the following movements after safely mounting the horse. Do them correctly, at ease, and in harmony with the horse:

    a. walk the horse in a straight line for 60 feet.

    b. Walk the horse in a half circle of not more than 16 feet in radius.

    c. Trot or jog the horse in a straight line for 60 feet.

    d. Trot or jog the horse in a half circle of not more than 30 feet in radius.

    e. Halt straight.

    f. Back up straight four paces.

    g. Halt and dismount.

Our UNIQUE camp lets Campers ride BOTH

English and Western Style with Bareback Pad

in our Arena and on the Trail plus 

Care for our Rabbits, Chickens, Cats & Dogs

with Daily PHOTOS and Written Journaling


2021 Camp Weeks   

9 am - 1 pm,  Monday-Thursday 

full 6/7- 8/26, can add to wait list

for specific weeks

MAX 12 riders in

2 separate riding groups of 6 riders

 $500 private equine

Ages 7 years old and up

Helpers assist riders during camp, as riders get to work with and ride their same pony daily -  like it's their OWN pony for the week!

      EXTRA BARN TIME    $10/Hour  

$10/hour is available before and/or after camp too! Help with taking care of animals, feeding, cleaning, organizing AND MORE fun and learning at the barn! 



        One really unique aspect of our camp is the collection of riders' daily journaling, Tiffany's journaling, plus the action photos we take at camp riding and hands-on learning around the barn. Tiffany emails a link to pics and journal entries to share the memories!

        Daily each rider writes about that day's experiences, recording what was memorable to them in their own handwritten way with words, pictures, and/or dictation! 




Monday- Western in arena learning Gymkhana games including barrel racing, keyhole and pole bending. Muck stalls and put in new bedding! Lasso plastic bull, tie knots:)

Tuesday- Western trail learning the poisonous plants (castor bean, morning glory, poison oak) along with edible plants (blackberries, boysenberries, fennel, lemonade berries). Learn Horsemen's Terms, feed hay and supplements!

Wednesday- English in ring learning how to go over walk and trot poles  & proper English position! Learn tack parts of English/Western saddles & bridles, then clean tack. Tiffany shows how to trim a horses' hooves while learning about the farrier's tools, hoof parts!

Thursday-  English on trail finding California sage, fig plants and wild cucumbers. Learn horse anatomy along with identifying horse colors, breeds, and face/leg markings for all of our horses plus look for brands!



Shirts with sleeves, tall socks and full-length, loose/stretchy pants.  So sweat doesn't get sunscreen in eyes and on helmet, apply below eyes.

Helmets and boots are provided.



Lunch and plenty of water in a bottle with name labels. Any medications please give to Instructor. 



Once you've coordinated with Tiffany to make sure there's space for the week that interests you, please print and mail the registration form (click on LINK at top of page) with a check for $500 made out to:

Tiffany Chiu

26730 Eastvale Road

Palos Verdes Peninsula, CA 90274

OR text cell photo/email/scan of completed form to:

310 621 4247

venmo $500 to @tiffanyJchiu (j in middle)

zelle 3106214247

Once your paperwork with full payment are received, camp week is finalized. If a date change is absolutely necessary as late as 1 week ahead of camp start, $100 will be deducted from payment and remainder refunded or applied to another week if space for rescheduling. With less than 1 week notice, the full fare of the camp is forfeit. Tiffany will save a pony or horse for and rely on your camper to care for and exercise that equine.


Before camp we'll email to let you know your form with payment were received.

The week before your camp another email will give more reminder details too!:)

$500 for the week, 1 rider/pony

(daily 90 minutes with horse,

   about 45 minutes daily riding)

Most weeks are Beginning/Intermediate, special scheduling for Advanced/Extreme.

THANK YOU FOR CHOOSING OUR CAMP!  There are many to choose from - we value    your business and aim to make magic memories on horseback with your rider at

Mystic Canyon Stable!








One-to-One   Mini Riding Lesson 

   with Helper in Group Setting                             $25/rider for 15 minute ride 

$35/15 mins. grooming/15 mins. riding

                $45/30 minutes riding 

$55/grooming 15 mins./riding 30 mins.


 GROUP LESSONS year round

mainly in the arena & sometimes on the trail 

 90 minute group classes (youth and adult):

     $75 for each rider/equine, ~45 mins. riding

        with grooming/tacking before and after 

Mondays-Wednesdays 12;30, 2, 3:30; Saturdays 8:30-1 with Tiffany 310 621 4247

and with Julia for Thursday, Friday and Sunday hours, cell 562 286 2806

Just Trail Ride by Appointment

      $75 / 45 minutes or

      $125 / 90 minutes riding only





         PRIOR TO LESSON START TIME             regardless of reason (illness, no show, etc.)


                            We ride rain or shine                                If you prefer not to ride  

                   in the rain, keep an eye on 

              the weather and cancel with at

least 24 hours notice  

prior to lesson start time:)



1. Riders come at least 15 minutes early to try on            boots/helmets to borrow if needed, turn in or   

    complete our registration form (link above) 

2. Check in to find assigned horse/helper 

3. Set out tack, groom/tack up horse ~10-30            


4. RIDE about 40-60 minutes learning new          

      skills (~20 minutes/rider sharing a pony)

5. Untack and put everything away ~15 minutes 

For new riders I have volunteer helpers to assist one-on-one while each rider learns the ropes! The helper stays with the new rider so I can work with the other riders in the class without leaving the new rider unassisted. Once new riders are safe with their mount while handling, grooming, tacking up and untacking, they can begin to be more independent future classes. The class includes the lesson pony, borrowing of helmet/boots/tack, volunteer helper to get started plus Tiffany's instruction. 


For riders new to our program, we offer 15 minute mini rides for $25. We recommend this for new students (to gain endurance in the saddle) to get started riding with us. The pony or horse is already tacked up for you, with a handler to walk with your rider up the trail and back, teaching the basics of steering, turning and stopping with good riding position and balance.  





Rolling Hills General Store 

   Not only do they sell new riding pants, they have a great consignment section for pants and boots that we highly recommend! NW corner of P.V. Dr. N and Rolling Hills Road

26947 Rolling Hills Rd.,

Rolling Hills Estates, California

(310) 541-3668



Attached to The General Store is also Kelly's Korner with sandwiches, ICE CREAM (!) and drinks!



GeeGee Equine Equestrian Boutique

   offers high quality, customizable English riding apparel for fancier and finer tastes! 

     Off Crenshaw by Rolling Hills Road  

25660 Crenshaw Blvd., Torrance, CA 90505  Open 7 days a week              (310) 739-8605


Lomita Feed

   Offers Both riding pants and boots, with a wide variety of helmets that you can get at the store or order a custimized color!

    off Narbonne Blvd. near Lomita Blvd.

24403 Narbonne Ave., Lomita, CA 90717

(310) 326-4738