Equines:    photos courtesy of our talented vet Dr. Ruth Sobeck and others


Princess-  rose grey miniature horse mare, standing only 7 hands tall (28in).

Small AND perfect for our tiny riders. Although she is the smallest in the barn,

she has a huge personality and often appears in local parades. Born in 2003




Malibu Barbie (Crystal) -   Chestnut Welsh pony mare imported

from Canada. Standing 12 hands tall. Very fancy and flashy winning

the ETI Correl 8 walk/trot championship. Inquistive& friendly, plus

she LOVES treats. Born in 1999

Sunchaser (Buddy) - Palomino/Pinto Quarter Horse Pony

gelding, Standing 13.1 hands tall. Buddy is very kid friendly.

Sensitive and fast, yet shy and docile. Born in 1998


Mystic (Magic) Moment- Welsh pony mare with a Dappled chestnut

coat and a flaxen mane and tail. Standing 13.3 hands. tall Magic was

born at Mystic Canyon Stable on August 3, 1994 she loves jumping,

gymkhana games and going on the trail!

Con(tessa)-  Seal bay Quarter Horse pony mare standing at 13.3 1/2 hands tall.

She is was born in 1994, and is a very honest hunter who LOVES to jump

and is very brave at any task you give her!






Dancing Aristando (Aries)- 14 hands tall, gaited Bay Paso fino

gelding. Exceptionally smooth to ride, loves to run

and champion at the champagne races!  5/16/1994-11/12/2019 colic:(

Sweeter than (Candy)- 14 hands tall. Bay Quarter/Paso fino pony

mare, born in 1998. Her name describes her - very sweet

and loving willing to try anything for you. She loves to barrel race!  

Was unbelievably a former bucking bronco rodeo horse!




CRL Ima Cassy Coosa (Cassie)- about 16 hands tall, chestnut, registered

Quarterhorse with great blood lines, previously used as a broodmare of at least 2

foals; she's gotten fit, learned to give lessons and loves the kids!

Birthday March 27, 1998. Photos of her filly at the very bottom of this page.

NEW in 2016!

Sunlight - Chestnut with flaxen mane and tail Welsh pony gelding. Jumper pony  

who LOVES to canter and has a rapid trot that makes sitting easy, he's feisty and

fun! Goes much calmer in an English hackamore. Standing about 11.1 hands tall.

Born in ~1996.


Romeo - ~14 hands, bay Hackney gelding, formerly a jumper and trail pony, has

shown with Savannah in gymkhanas, LOVES children and having his long mane

braided, also really calmed down with an English hackamore. Born in ~1996.


Bonnie - ~14 hands, bay Paso Fino mare stays at our barn during peak seasons thanks to the generosity of Monika Malone who

allows us to work with her while one of ours is rehabbing from an injured at Monika's barn with her recovering pack pony Blue.

SO we swap ponies! And Monika gets to ride Bonnie with her friends who are local to our barn, it's a win-win for everyone!

Feb. 2017 MOVED to nearby barn with Owner:  Drums (Tom Sawyer)- 

our affectionate black and white paint gelding. About 16 hands, with a big body

yet super sensitive, Super smooth and calmly trail rides, learning English jumping!

Owned by David Pahk.  Born April 1, 2004


My Sweet Senorita ( Sierra)- our Bay Arabian/Paint mare who

is 15 hands tall and LOVES to run. Super smooth gaits and is

champion in gymkhana games.  March 1, 1995 - November 16, 2018 colic:(

Other Critters our two barn dogs: tan Hero (R.I.P.) and black Zena
















previous 9 chickens with rooster; currently no chickens :(
















  NEWEST members of our ranch family in August 2015 kittens

  Lucy and Ricky, thanks to Shelly McCarthy for bringing them to us!













our 4 rabbits: Buttercup (in tube), black and white Didgeridoo,

brown Wesley, (black Mystery lives with Lisa), grey Koala                                                                                        

and two barn cats Luna and Sol (as kittens)


Hero 8/14/07-8/13/18

death by coyote

Cassy's 2004 filly Coosa Goin' Gold (Goldie) at the gymkhana show on May 30, 2015


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arms outstretched Tiffany and Magic gallop through grassy field next to fill-in lines for future lessons