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Welcome to Mystic Canyon Stable

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Located in Southern California's beautiful hills of Palos Verdes,

we specialize in Recreational Horseback Riding Lessons and Camps with Tiffany Chiu and Team of Instructors. 

The styles we teach are 

English, Western,

Bareback Pad, bare Bareback on the Trails

Responsible Horsemanship =

Grooming, Tacking up, Riding, Untacking, and Beyond

Learn how to safely handle, tack up, ride,

and care for our lesson Equines like they are your own.

Learn about the whole horse from head to hoof!

Build a rewarding relationship with your equine,

gain competence and confidence on the ground and in the saddle, 

and foster friendships with fellow riders.

If you aim to someday own your own horse or ride a friend's horse, you'll want to know how to do what we cover in our classes. 

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