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Hi there!  Our program focuses on curriculum for 


Our Lessons are Full with

Waiting List, would you like

to join the waiting list?

If yes, to Sign Up for Weekly Lessons' Waiting List:

1.    Email your availability with

completed registration form (below) to

2.   As space becomes available for first lesson, we will reach out to schedule

with a payment link to book your spot.


For one time rides, please see our LINKS page for other stables and instructors. 


Ages 6+                    $440/Week on lesson equine

                  or $100/afternoon as an additional ride

                  during pony camp week

 1-3:30 pm,  Monday-Thursday:

Max 6 Riders daily (openings as of 6/24 at 10 am)

June 10 (4), 17 (1), 24 (2),

July 1 (4), 8 (3), 15 (4), 22 (4), 29 (4), 

August 5 (4), 12 (4), 2024  

Hang out with Barn Chores and 

GAMES (Corn Hole, Horseshoe, and more) and

practice SKILLS (lassoing, tying knots)

during lunch break at the barn 1-2 pm,

then join our 2-3:30 riding lesson daily.  

Each day add to what you learned while hands-on gaining ability, confidence, and capabilities.

YEEHAW for practical ranch life skills!

For sign ups the Buttons for Ranch and Ride will become active 4/15. SCROLL DOWN to SIGN UP

Once there is space and we contact you from our wait list, TRY FIRST LESSON 



First Lesson with option to groom

$75   15 mins. riding, allow 30+ mins.

$100  30 mins. riding, allow 45+ min.

    $125 45 min. riding, allow 90+ mins.               with option to groom before & untack after                               


Monthly Memberships include

one Unmounted Lesson on horsecare/skills

on the First Sundays 2:30-3:30


          (ages 3 years old to adult)

15 mins. riding with option to groom     $200 

30 mins. riding with option to groom     $300



45 min. riding (ages 7 to adult)                $400    with option to groom before & untack after                                   

LET'S SHARE a PONY (ages 4-7) $280 each    3 children/pony, explore the barn, learn basic horsemanship skills, connect with their senses, care for pony, and ride in social team setting.     4 consecutive Sundays, 1-2:30 pm    


TRIBE MEMBER (nonriding) $150/month 

Learn unmounted skills of haltering, grazing, grooming, leading, tacking up, and more!

Get comfortable and confident working around our equines. Good use of your time while on the wait list or to just be around the horses in a safe and supportive environment during our lesson hours!:)     


                 BUSINESS POLICIES:


 regardless of reason (illness, no show, etc.)



We count on our scheduled riders to keep consistently practicing and give our horses the individualized daily care and needed exercise, especially during the rainy season. Win-Win!

  3.     LESSONS ARE PREPAID BY THE     MONTH, minimum 3 months to start after first class, providing four weeks off every year. 

To cancel monthly class membership, give at least 30 days written notice via               



Our UNIQUE camp lets Campers ride BOTH

English and Western Reins with Bareback Pad

on the Trail plus Care for our Rabbits, Hens, Cat & Dogs,  with Daily PHOTOS and Learnings


2024 Camp Weeks         $500 lesson equine

                         BEGINNING CAMP

9 am - 1 pm,  Monday-Thursday

(spots left as of 6/24 at 10 am)

June 10 (0), 17 (0), 24 (0),

July 1 (0), 8 (0), 15 (0), 22 (0), 29 (0),

August 5 (3), 12 (0)  

​ADVANCED Camp* are full 

during Weeks July 22 (0), 29 (0),

* Must be established in our Lesson Program or proof of at least 2 years of Lesson Program at other Stables (Tack Up, walk, trot independently)


MAX 12 riders, in 2 riding groups of 6 riders

Ages 7 years old and up

​2 adult instructors plus youth helpers assist riders during camp, as riders get to work with and ride their same pony/horse daily -  like it's their OWN pony/horse for the week!

      EXTRA BARN TIME    $10/Hour  

$10/hour is available after camp too until 5 pm! Help with taking care of animals, feeding, cleaning, organizing AND MORE fun and learning! 



        One really unique aspect of our camp is the collection of riders' daily learnings, plus the action photos we take at camp riding and hands-on learning around the barn. Sophia emails a link to pics to share the memories!

        Daily each rider writes or answers questions about that day’s experience, recording what was memorable to them, or what they newly learned!



Monday- Welcome and Safety Orientation. Lay out your brushes in order with bareback pad and bridle.  Learn how to safely halter and groom then tack up and mount.  Western reins steering, back up, whoa!  Muck stalls and put in new bedding! Feed hay, tie knots.


Tuesday- Western! Study about horse nutrition and local plants, and try to identify them on trail (California Sage, Wild Cucumber, Castor Beans). Learn about the different bridles and saddles, try to memorize the parts (games), then clean tack, and feed supplements.


Wednesday- English steering & position! Learn about the Anatomy of the horse. Tiffany shows how to trim a horses' hooves while learning about the farrier's tools, hoof parts!


Thursday- Choose which Style you want to ride (English or Western reins). Learn about Horsemanship Terms, along with identifying horse colors, breeds, and face/leg markings for all of our horses.



Monday- Welcome and Safety Orientation. Get your horse, brush, and tack up independently with bareback pad and bridle. Arena + Trail Ride. Learn how to properly walk, stop, trot. Learn about different saddles, bridles, and bits. 


Tuesday- Tack up in Western Style. Trail ride in a group. Learn about the importance of groundwork and how to longe a horse.


Wednesday- Tack up in English Style. In arena learn 3 Dressage Patterns + partner games. 

Learn about the natural and artificial Gaits of the Horse. Can you count the beats and strides?


Thursday- Bare Bareback. Learn how to ride a horse - just with a bridle. Learn about Horse Nutrition, Diseases, and how to identify them.



Shirts with short or long sleeves (no tanks, strapless), tall socks and full-length, loose/stretchy pants.  

So sweat doesn't get sunscreen in eyes and on helmet, apply below eyes.

Riding helmets and boots are provided.


Lunch/snacks, refillable water bottle with name labels. 

Any medications please give to Instructor. 

HOW TO SIGN UP for Ranch and Ride or Summer Camp, starting in APRIL 2024  

Riders currently in our lesson program will receive an email with form and payment details to begin registering 4/1; then these website buttons will become active and open to all others 4/15. 

1. Email completed registration form to:

2. Payment links per camper, adjust quantity as needed for multiple campers and weeks:

         FOR CAMP WEEK M-Th 9-1 pm: 


Once your paperwork with full payment are received, Tiffany will begin processing the current riders after 4/1, new riders after 4/15 and then will let Campers know their form with payment have been received and week secured.

    Once  camp week is finalized, no date changes or  refunds. Tiffany will save a pony or horse for and rely on your camper to care for and exercise that equine, turning others away.

The week before your camp another email will give more reminder details too!:)

Extra barn time hours $10/hour as late as 5 pm

M-Th can be prepaid as well or let us know that morning at drop-ff and we can even up Thursday.

$500 for the week, 1 rider/pony

(daily 90 minutes with horse,

   about 45 minutes daily riding)​​

THANK YOU FOR CHOOSING OUR CAMP!  There are many to choose from - we value your business and aim to make magic memories on horseback with your rider at 

                       Mystic Canyon Stable!

Equine Therapy

 is an experiential form of equine assisted psychotherapy where horses are involved in the sessions.  “Experiential” means that you will be involved in hands-on experiences with the horses designed to reflect things going on in your life.  

The process is not always about interacting with the treatment team, although that will happen at times, it is about providing you the opportunity to experience, explore, problem-solve, discover, be creative, gain insight, and experience practical applications of what you are learning in the moment.  The process is about “doing” along with the “talking.” 

We operate under the EAGALA Model which includes a licensed mental health professional, an equine specialist, and the horses.  

All sessions are on the ground – there is no riding of horses involved in the treatment process. This is psychotherapy and even though you may learn a thing or two about horses, it is not the intent or focus to learn about horses or how to ride them. We are here to address your therapy goals and we commit to utilizing the methods we have found to best support that focus.


To schedule a 15-minute phone call where we can answer your questions and make sure that we are a good fit for your goals, please email our licensed mental health team member, Susan. 

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